Majority want 20mph zone at schools

More than two-thirds (67%) of Britons want to see a 20mph speed limit set for vehicles travelling down roads outside schools, a new survey has shown.

Meanwhile, a further 38% of people believed there should be 20mph zones set up on roads where there are amenities like parks and shops, where as only 25% thought it should be the default speed in all built-up areas, according to the study conducted by IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists).

A total of 43% of people said they would love to see a 20mph zone in their neighbourhood, whereas 39% were opposed to such an idea.

Road signs are the best means of enforcing a speed limit, 40% of the respondents suggested.

IAM head of road safety Kevin Delaney said: "The IAM supports the selective use of 20mph speed limits where there is clear evidence that the risk of casualties will be reduced.

"But blanket 20mph speed limits or limits at inappropriate sites risk widespread disregard by drivers who do not recognise a necessity for them. Consultation with, and buy-in from, local people here is essential."

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