Majority 'use phones while driving'

Most Britons continue to disregard the laws by using mobile phones when they are behind the wheel, research has revealed.

According to a study by mobile phone comparison website, around eight out of 10 people (81%) admit to making and receiving calls through their mobile phone without a hands-free device while driving, even though it is illegal.

Using mobile phones without a hands-free machine during driving is forbidden under UK law, and if motorists fail to comply with the regulation they face a fine and pick up penalty points on their licence.

Only one in 10 (12%) of those questioned said they would never make a phone call during a journey without the use of a hands-free kit and only 3% said they would never access their phone at all when on the road, the poll of 1,859 motorists aged 17 and above found.

The survey also showed that a majority ( 62%) of respondents confessed they were not aware of any punishments for being caught using a mobile phone while driving.

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