M6 Toll Road deal moves closer

M6 Toll Road deal moves closer

The possibility of opening up the M6 Toll Road to non-paying motorists to help combat congestion in the event of major traffic incidents is set to be looked at.

Last week an accident on the M6 in the Midlands left some drivers stuck for up to seven hours while traffic on the nearby £5.50-per-car toll road continued flowing freely.

The incident - which affected transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, who was travelling to Birmingham - has triggered fresh calls for the emergency services or transport authorities to be allowed to open up the 27-mile road in the event of severe traffic congestion.

The West Midlands Combined Authority has been involved in talks with the government about the move and Mr McLoughlin has said he is happy to look at the possibility.

Last week's accident brought traffic on the northbound carriageway of the M6 to a standstill between Junction 5 and Junction 6 and caused long delays on other surrounding roads.

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