M5 investigation to take weeks

The Transport Secretary has spoken about the horrific M5 crash which killed seven people and said it could be weeks until an investigation is finished.

Justine Greening told the House of Commons 37 vehicles were involved in the pile-up that injured a further 51 people.

She said: ""Given the large number of vehicles involved, the need to carefully look at those vehicles recovered and to talk to many of the witnesses, it may be some weeks until the investigation can conclude on any cause or causes of this incident."

The motorway section near Taunton reopened on Monday night and Ms Greening said 60 metres of the road were damaged by "intense fire" and the stretch had to have "extensive resurfacing".

A 40-metre section of the M5 was also damaged by fuel from vehicles caught up in what is being described as one of the worst motorway crashes in Britain.

Police from Avon and Somerset said they are treating the incident as a criminal investigation and are conducting enquiries to see if the crash was due to a smoke from a nearby firework display at a rugby club drifting onto the road causing fog.

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