M25 voted Britain`s worst road

London's 119-mile "racetrack for idiots" - the M25 - has been voted Britain's worst road.

The Sky News Online survey put three more routes high on the list: the M1 from London to Leeds, the A9 from Perth to Inverness and the A1 from London to Edinburgh.

The A537 to Buxton, known as the Cat and Fiddle, also received a disproportionate number of complaints. The narrow, windy road has been highlighted as a danger hotspot and a "magnet for fast cars and motorbikes".

The survey of 2,000 people highlighted the speed and carelessness of other drivers, the volumes of traffic and the merging of motorways.

RAC spokeswoman Vicki Burn told Sky News Online that small problems can escalate at peak times. "The trouble is the more you create capacity the more cars will use it. It's a vicious circle. The slightest mishap causes great tailbacks and it can be are nightmare if you are stuck between junctions."

The A1 dual carriageway received heavy criticism for not being up to capacity. The Highways Agency will start construction work on parts of the road this year, upgrading them to three lane motorways.

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