M25 has 'five of July's worst jams'

The latest data from the TomTom HD Traffic Centre has revealed that five out of 10 worst traffic jams last month occurred on the M25.

With July being an especially busy month for traffic with schools breaking up for the summer holidays, the worst jam was 49 miles long, stretching from junction 19 near Watford to junction 5 at Sevenoaks on July 29 at 5.45pm.

With the vehicles stretching on a 30 mile queue on July 3 at 8.21pm, the A64 near York came second in the worst traffic jam list.

Meanwhile, the A1 from Eyemouth to South Charlton, and the A49 from Ludlow to Shrewsbury are also listed in the top ten.

The section between junction 8 and junction 16 of the M25 featured twice on the list for delays of 27.5 miles and 26 miles on Friday July 8 and July 22.

According to the survey, 3.58pm on Friday July 8 was the worst traffic peak of the month with tailbacks stretching to 1,027 miles across the UK.

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