M1 U-turn drivers 'won't be prosecuted'

M1 U-turn drivers 'won't be prosecuted'

Motorists who put lives at risk by doing U-turns on a motorway have escaped prosecution, it has been revealed.

Although the manoeuvres on the M1 in Northamptonshire were caught on CCTV, police say they have not been able to trace most of the vehicles.

Dave Nichols, a spokesman for road safety organisation Brake, says that means despite being caught on camera, it seems the drivers involved have got away with breaking the law.

Describing their actions as "selfish", he says the manoeuvres put the lives of the drivers involved, as well as those of other road users, in danger.

A number of vehicles, including a coach, were filmed driving the wrong way along a slip road so they could get off the motorway and avoid a traffic queue caused by an accident near Crick in July.

At the time PC Dave Lee, of Northamptonshire Police, said the motorists had been behaving "ridiculously".

Following the incident a coach driver was spoken to by officers and is said to have resigned from his job.

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