M-way speed limit decision imminent

Ministers are preparing to reveal whether they'll be increasing the speed limit on motorways.

Speaking on Thursday, transport secretary Justine Greening said the decision on whether the speed limit would be increased to 80mph would be announced "very soon".

The Government has been consulting on whether to increase the speed limit from 70mph since 2011.

Ministers backed up their proposals by claiming that car safety has improved since the original limit was set. However, no matter how safe cars are claimed to be,breakdown cover is still an invaluable purchase for motorists.

Greening said: "We are absolutely committed to making sure we strike the right balance between looking at these important issues and making sure we do what we can to maintain and improve motorway safety."

Tory MP Alun Cairns added: "Almost 50 years have passed since the 70mph maximum speed limit was introduced.

"In that time there have been significant advances in motoring technology."

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