M-way signs to point the way to EV charging points

M-way signs to point the way to EV charging points

An energy company has signed a deal to have its logo put on motorway service station signs up and down the country.

Ecotricity h as extended a partnership with Roadchef, in a bid to help Britain's 50,000 electric vehicle drivers see where they can charge.

The firm's logo will be seen on the large blue signs ahead of service stations, replacing the basic car and three-pin plug symbol.

One appeared at Sedgemoor services on the M5 on January 26, with stops at Hamilton on the M74 and Norton Canes on the M6 Toll next on the list.

It is the first time that motorway service stations signs have featured an energy company logo.

Ecotricity has installed around 260 electric charging points on the motorway network, which it calls the "Electric Highway".

The green company claims it powered 15 million miles of emission-free driving last year using energy drawn from renewable sources.

All 28 Roadchef sites will display the new signs featuring Ecotricity's logo within the next few months.

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