Lusardi's 999 queue-jump call

Former glamour girl Linda Lusardi has been named and shamed by Hertfordshire Police for misusing the 999 emergency service.

Ms Lusardi, 50, dialled 999 after getting stuck in heavy traffic on the M25 on her way to a pantomime performance of Snow White, in which she plays the Wicked Queen.

The former Emmerdale actress asked police if she could drive down the hard shoulder and undertake the queue of stationary vehicles as she feared she would be late for the opening curtain of the show.

A spokeswoman from Hertfordshire Police said: "She called us asking for permission to use the hard shoulder. Obviously, we declined. 999 is for emergencies only. There hadn't been an accident, it was just heavy traffic.

"If someone was very ill or pregnant expecting a child we might be able to facilitate something like that - in an emergency - but clearly getting to a pantomime doesn't constitute that."

The former Page 3 model was heading to the Swan Theatre, High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire for the matinee performance.

Richard Linford, from Qdos Entertainment managing Lusardi's pantomime production, told the Daily Mail: "Miss Lusardi has no comment to make. But I can say everybody's human."

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