Lower drink-drive limit backed

Half of the people in the UK favour the reduction in the current legal driving limit of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml, a poll has shown.

A survey by personal breathalyser manufacturer AlcoSense found that 52% of those polled support the limit being reduced compared to 45% who prefer it as it is.

Findings revealed that in Scotland support for the cut was even higher with 59% favouring it compared to 39% wanting to keep the current limit.

Scotland could lead the UK in drink-driving laws, as the House of Commons Transport Select Committee's report has effectively shelved any plans to reduce the legal limit in the rest of the UK.

However, the Scotland Bill, recently presented to the UK Parliament, will give Holyrood the power to introduce its own drink-driving limit.

The Scottish Parliament has already approved a reduction in the limit to 50mg per 100ml, while the UK Transport Select Committee has planned for a more extensive slashing to 20mg over a long period of time while rejecting any change in the immediate future.

Hunter Abbott, managing director, AlcoSense, said: "With the current spending cuts it seems unlikely that the police or the Government will have sufficient funds to undertake any serious analysis or embark on a high profile public campaign anytime soon.

"The Transport Select Committee recommendation and the UK Government's stated opposition make it likely that Scotland will introduce a reduction in the limit before the UK as a whole. This will lead to different drink driving limits in Scotland and the rest of the UK and confusion for motorists who travel across the border."

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