Low speed limit urged near schools

A strict 20mph speed limit around schools would cut the number of road accidents by half, it has been claimed.

Northern Ireland Assembly member Pat Ramsey said the reduction should also cover shopping areas and housing estates.

A report from the Criminal Justice Inspectorate showed that more people are killed or seriously injured on the province's roads than in England, Scotland or Wales.

And in a separate study in England and Wales, a speed reduction of 9mph reduced total accidents by 60% and those involving children by nearly 70%.

The SDLP member said: "People need to reclaim their streets, drivers should not have priority over everyone else.

"There is no excuse or necessity to drive at any more than 20mph in a housing estate."

According to road safety group Brake, seven children are killed or seriously injured every month in the province.

Mr Ramsey added: "In the vicinity of schools and in all housing estates there is no doubt that if speeds are reduced even slightly the number of accidents, serious injuries and deaths are dramatically reduced."

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