Lorry stuck after police diversion

A lorry driver led on to a narrow bridge by police diversions had to wait two days for help after getting stuck.

The 44-ton HGV, owned by K Transport services, became stuck on Trenarth Bridge in Cornwall after being directed through the lanes by the police because the main Falmouth to Helston road was closed.

The lorry was delivering concrete slabs to Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose and was finally moved two days later, once a vehicle with a crane could get to the scene.

Paul McLean, from K Transport Services, which owns the lorry, said: "The driver explained that he was told which way to go by the police. He carried on going that way and the road got narrower and narrower and he got stuck."

A police spokesman said that due to a fatal accident there had been a large number of difficulties and the road closures were necessary.

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