Lorry lengths 'may be extended'

The Government is considering increasing the maximum length of lorry trailers in a bid to reduce the number of lorries on the nation's roads.

Transport officials said the new larger lorries, which would be two metres longer than the current maximum length of 16.5m, would be a "modest" increase, but could produce "worthwhile benefits".

Transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said the Government will carry out a study to see if there would be clear benefits in changing the length of lorry trailers. The research will take into account freight demand and the interaction between road, rail and water transport.

In a written statement to MPs he said the Government has published its first major study of freight movement.

He said: "The Logistics Perspective publication provides the first detailed analysis of the movement of major freight commodities on the strategic national corridors, while setting out our understanding of the issues affecting each freight mode.

"It also considers how we can work with industry to facilitate effective freight movement while mitigating its environmental and social impact."

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