Lorries stuck on M90 after snow

Snow storms in Scotland left as many as 10 lorries stranded for several hours on the M90.

Near Bridge of Earn around three inches of snow settled on the road overnight, making it difficult for motorists to drive.

Snow ploughs and gritters were called for help. The traffic was later flowing as normal in the area, police confirmed.

The onset of British Summer Time saw temperatures dropping below freezing, with sleet, rain and snow experienced in all parts of the country.

The north of Scotland suffered the worst of weather, with temperatures dropping to minus 5C in Cairnwell, near Braemar.

According to forecasters, the cold snap would continue for another two days.

A lorry jack-knifed on the A90, causing brief delays on the road.

The Tay Road bridge was also closed to high-sided vehicles, as high winds battered the area.

The A9 was also affected by a light covering of snow, while some drivers were forced to dig their cars out from a foot of snow close to Denny in Stirlingshire.

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