Lords reject parking charges plan

Government plans to impose parking charges in two London Parks have been rejected by the House of Lords.

While a move to throw out the proposals, which would have applied to Richmond and Bushy Parks, was defeated by 71 votes to 48, peers then backed an amendment expressing regret over the regulations and calling for them to be withdrawn by 136 votes to 71.

Lord Howard of Rising, for the Tories, said a consultation had shown the plans to be almost universally unpopular, with 84% of people saying they were against the plan. He said the charges would raise £345,000, adding a more "imaginative" way could be found of coming up with such a sum.

He said: "We could raise a good proportion of that through voluntary contributions. If money must be found than let's have a more imaginative policy than dumping railway-style car parks in the middle of our parks."

His amendment called on the Government to withdraw the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces (Amendment) etc Regulations 2010 and replace them with regulations that would maintain plans such as cutting speed limits in Greenwich and Bushy Parks from 30mph to 20mph, but remove the parking charge plans.

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