Lord's pledge to help road safety

The Labour peer who was jailed after admitting sending and receiving text messages as he drove has said he wants to work with road safety groups to help other motorists learn from his mistake.

Lord Ahmed was released from Moorland Prison, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, after the Court of Appeal agreed to suspend his 12-week sentence.

The 51-year-old said: "Whilst it has been a terrible ordeal and terrible experience. I think there are certain aspects which can be made into positives in relation to my own experiences and the mistake I made.

"And how I can say to other motorists what the dangers of using your mobile can have."

The peer, who lives in nearby Rotherham, was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court after admitting dangerous driving for engaging in an exchange of text messages with a journalist as he drove down the M1 in West Yorkshire on Christmas Day 2007.

Minutes after the texting finished he was involved in an unrelated fatal accident.

Following his release he said: "During my difficult ordeal and difficult time I also talked to prisoners inside and wanted to know why they did certain things and what can be done to help them change their ways."

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