Lord Drayson has the need for speed

Lord Drayson has the need for speed

Lord Drayson is leading a British team's efforts to set a new World Land Speed Record in an electric racing car.

The Drayson B12 electric Le Mans racer has already set a new British record of 204.185mph and the team has been invited to Bonneville Salt Flats in the US state of Utah to try to set a new world record for electrically-powered vehicles weighing less than 1,000kg.

The team is looking forward to racing at the "spiritual home of the electric vehicle", Lord Drayson said.

The founder and CEO of Drayson Racing Technologies said the car's run at Elvington airfield in Yorkshire in June was on a relatively short runway and the car had to brake as it was still gaining speed.

He said the team can't wait to see how fast the car can go on the salt flats at Bonneville as there are no such limits, but he is hoping that there won't be any breakdowns as preparing the car to run on salt has proved a big challenge for the team's engineers.

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