Look after your car this winter

Look after your car this winter

Britain's top advanced driver is urging motorists to carry out a few simple steps before setting off this winter.

First and foremost, Peter Rodger, IAM chief examiner, recommends clearing any snow off the car's roof and bonnet as well as cleaning the windows inside and out.

When you get behind the wheel, he advises making sure all extras - such as lights, heaters and the radio - are switched off before you turn the key to start the engine, as starting is known to put a heavy load on the system and could causebreakdown .

Be mindful of the fact that a modern car does not need to warm up its engine before being driven, so avoid wasting fuel by not switching on the engine until you are ready to go.

Mr Rodger also reveals that turning on the air conditioning is a great way to prevent the windows from misting up, while thinking about where you park at night could spare you some early morning problems.

Some areas, for instance, will be less affected by ice on the windows because of shelter from buildings or protection from trees.

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