Longer jail terms for driving ban killers

Longer jail terms for driving ban killers

Motorists who flout driving bans or disqualifications and go on to cause someone's death while behind the wheel could soon be jailed for up to 10 years, it has been revealed.

Tougher sentencing, which also includes prison terms of up to four years for causing serious injuries, is set to come into force next year after being announced on Tuesday by Chris Grayling, the justice secretary.

At the moment disqualified motorists who cause someone's death while driving face a maximum of two years in prison.

Mr Grayling said the tougher sentencing is designed to dramatically improve road safety and keep motorists who have already been banned off the UK's roads.

He said those who defy driving bans and destroy "innocent lives" should face serious consequences and "tougher punishment".

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Motorists will welcome this news as our research shows that law-abiding drivers generally want to see people who commit serious offences at the wheel punished more severely.

"Anything that makes it safer to drive for the majority of responsible motorists has to be seen a positive step forward."

Following a call for change by MPs, Mr Grayling has also revealed plans to review the penalties that are imposed for all motoring offences, including those committed by drivers who don't have car insurance .

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