Londoners to get electric car share scheme

Londoners to get electric car share scheme

An electric car-sharing scheme is to be rolled out across London next month, hoping to replicate the success of the "Boris Bike" cycle hire network.

BlueCity, the brainchild of French industrial magnate Vincent Bollore, has already proved a hit in Paris.

Some 3,600 Bollore cars ferry Parisians around city, reducing the number of journeys taken in petrol and diesel cars.

A total of 10 vehicles will be launched in Hammersmith and Fulham to begin with in January, expanding to up to 40 cars by mid-February and potentially 100 cars by the summer, if all goes to plan.

It is understood that half-hour rentals could cost £5, although pricing is yet to be confirmed.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage the use of electric vehicles in London - residents in Paris have even been encouraged to buy electric vehicles of their own - and establish a charging infrastructure across the city.

BlueCity was due to launch sooner but the complications of securing cooperation from dozens of borough councils and the need to repair the Source London electric car charging network meant it was delayed.

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