London workers face longest commute

Although most people drive to work, many living in London are forced to endure longer journeys than anyone else in the UK to get to work, recent figures have revealed.

The Office for National Statistics research showed that 71% drove a car to work but for London-based workers, this figure dropped to 35%.

While 75% of UK workers take just 30 minutes or less to reach workplaces, as many as 56% of employees in the capital take over half an hour.

The data, based on figures for the last three months of 2009, found that 59% of all workers in the UK worked and lived in the same local authority district.

A total of 20% of workers in London took the train, 18% travelled by Underground and 12% went to work by bus.

This compared with only 9% of workers in the rest of the UK taking any form of public transport to get to work.

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