London tops Euro road-crossing poll

Six of the best pedestrians crossings in Europe can be found on the streets of London, according to a new continent-wide survey.

Four of the five worst are in Brussels, where some of the biggest road-safety institutions are based.

The Eurotest group of motoring organisations found that the UK capital tops the poll of 215 crossing designs looked at in 17 countries.

Good day-and-night visibility and clear information with no obstructions, plus good road markings with islands and orange beacons, were high-scoring features.

Eurotest highlighted the lack of cars parked near crossings, a shortcoming in most other cities, as another good London example for others to follow.

Best of the best is the crossing at the junction of Tothill Street with Storey's Gate in central London. Other cities tested included Rome, Paris, Zurich, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Brussels.

One in eight - 28 - failed the test, while half were rated positively, of which only two were "very good". The remaining 69 were "acceptable".

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