'London ready to test driverless cars'

'London ready to test driverless cars'

Motorists could soon be sharing the streets of London with Google's self-driving cars if the capital's transport chiefs get their way, it has been revealed.

Until now extensive testing of the autonomous vehicles has taken place only in the US with most of the on-road trials happening in California.

But now transport officials have asked Google to extend their trials to London.

Isabel Dedring, London's deputy mayor for transport, says they are involved in "active discussions" aimed at bringing testing to the capital.

She says the vehicles need to be tested on city roads and that London will be prepared to host that whenever Google is ready to take its trials to another country.

Over the last seven years more than 1.4 million miles have been clocked up by the technology giant's autonomous cars in test drives.

Powered by electric batteries, the vehicles use camera, laser and radar sensors as well as computer software to get from A to B.

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