Lollipop men and women facing abuse

School lollipop men and women are being subjected to verbal abuse by irate drivers.

Motorists have been called upon to stop shouting and swearing at crossing patrol staff by Cardiff Council.

Some drivers have even pulled over to the side of the road to scream abuse, while others have been shouting and using extreme language as they drive past.

In rare cases, motorists have even got out of their vehicles to continue their tirades.

The council said the number of cases across the city was relatively small but it was concerned about an increase in incident forms submitted to its road safety team since late last year.

All such cases were treated seriously and police were informed about every incident, the council said.

A spokesman said there were no cases of physical violence.

"But our concern is that in one or two cases things have been getting that way," he said.

"We're appealing for respect and fair treatment."

Road safety team leader Dave Evans said: "I want to make it clear that the majority of drivers show the utmost respect for our lollipop patrols, but this rise in incidents of verbal abuse is worrying and it's something we must try and stop as soon as possible.

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