Lock mystery baffles village drivers

Lock mystery baffles village drivers

Motorists in Cornwall have reported strange going-ons with their car locking systems seemingly having a mind of their own.

Several vehicle owners in the village of Summercourt were left baffled after some 30 vehicles began locking and unlocking themselves.

While some have put the strange occurrences down to paranormal activity, others claim the phenomenon is more likely the result of radio interference.

The six-month-long situation has put some drivers in a sticky spot, with some left stranded without transport, and one parent's child left trapped inside a vehicle.

While being dubbed the "Summercourt Triangle", Mike Parris, an expert from car technology firm SBD, said other areas are also prone to accidental radio interference.

In order to solve the mystery, he suggests that residents should keep a log o f when and where the incidents occur.

One of those affected was Lin Howard, who said her car automatically locked her child inside, while "a nother driver has not been able to start their car".

Fellow resident Wendy Malham said her locks were "going on-off, on-off, like it was possessed".

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