List reveals bizarre lost property

A list of bizarre objects left by motorists in hire cars includes an artificial limb, a mannequin and a pair of furry handcuffs.

According to Europcar "there's never a dull day in the life of a hire car" as proven by the odd items left behind by its customers.

Staff at a Liverpool branch of the car rental company found a 0 leg in a returned vehicle, while a mannequin was discovered inside another brought back to Hull.

At a branch in Hamilton, Scotland, one customer returned their rental car 50 fluorescent light bulbs and another left a Scottish piper's black ostrich feather hat inside.

Other objects in Europcar's top 10 lost property list includes an ammunition case and a stretcher found in a car returned to Reading.

A wheelchair was found by staff in Bradford, while the unusual handcuffs were spotted inside a hatchback brought back to Yeovil.

Europcar's Ken McCall said: "Our staff often go to great pains to reunite lost and forgotten property with their rightful owners."

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