Link to music taste and driving

Many people will be driving home for Christmas soon, but to ensure a safe journey drivers may want to rethink the choice of music they will be listening to along the way.

According to new research, its not onlycar insurance andbreakdown cover that will help drivers to be safe on the roads, as a poll suggests the genre of music motorists tune into may affect their driving.

Research from Populus said listening to rock, hip-hop and metal is less conducive than pop and classical music to safe Christmas driving.

Drivers who listen to metal are the quickest to become angry behind the wheel and pop listeners are less than half as likely to tailgate than rock fans.

Drivers listening to rock are more than twice as likely to experience road rage as pop listeners and those who enjoy rock and hip-hop seem most likely to be involved in accidents.

According to music psychologist Dr Vicky Williamson: "Classical music makes fewer demands on our brain functions because it's less vocal. Slower paced music, clear structures and soft notes - common traits of much classical music - create a relaxed mood with the potential to elicit more considerate driving."

The survey asked over 2,000 motorists to examine the relationship between the type of music drivers listen to and their behaviour on the road.

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