'Limit motorway roadworks to 2 miles'

'Limit motorway roadworks to 2 miles'

New Government plans to ease congestion by restricting roadworks on major routes to two miles at a time are being backed by the RAC.

Most motorists will have been frustrated by encountering long stretches of coned-off road with no sign of any work going on.

But now transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin has asked Highways England to implement new rules that could make endless stretches of roadworks on the nation's network of motorways and major A-roads a thing of the past.

Mr McLoughlin has also called for motorists to be given better information about roadworks to enable them to plan alternative routes .

RAC chief engineer David Bizley said: "The Government's road investment strategy has promised motorists the biggest improvement to England's major roads in a generation. However, it is vital that this upgrade is delivered in a way that does not cause unnecessary inconvenience.

"The sight of mile after mile of traffic cones and reduced speed limits, only for work to be taking place on a single small stretch of road, is a source of frustration for motorists.

"A move to complete major roadworks in phases, which would see motorists encounter shorter 'bursts' of temporary speed limits rather than a single one that runs for a long distance, will be seen as a common sense step by drivers."

A spokesman for the Department for Transport says while its £15 billion road investment plan will give the nation's highways a huge boost it is vital that a common sense approach is taken to minimise disruption to motorists.

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