Lift home for OAP lottery winner

A retired dinner lady from Bo'ness, Falkirk, was so shocked after she discovered that she had won the lottery that she had to be driven home by a kind shop assistant.

Annette Brown, 77, scooped £1,151,496 on a mid-week jackpot, but only discovered that she had won the fortune when she popped into her local newsagent to check her numbers.

She said: "I was anxious to get the tickets out of my purse and into the bin so when the shop assistant told me to come through the back I was completely taken aback.

"Then she showed me the slip telling me how much I'd won.

"I was in so much shock that the kind shop assistant had to drive me home. She even had to tell my daughter what had happened - I was speechless."

The newly loaded pensioner will have no transport problems in the future, as she can now afford a luxury new car complete with car insurance cover.

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