Life's a beach with Beetle concept

Life's a beach with Beetle concept

Volkswagen has unveiled a cool off-road look for its ever-popular Beetle, with a new Dune concept.

The German car producer chose the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit to give the motoring public its first glimpse of the latest Beetle variant.

Raised by 50mm in comparison to other Beetle models, the Dune comes with larger tyres and 19-inch wheels for riding on beaches and rugged terrain without fear of abreakdown . It truly lives up to its name when fitted with a rear-mounted ski-rack, similar to those on Beetles of the past.

As well as snow skis, the rack can hold sand skis ready for a spot of sand dune surfing.

Adorned in a yellow-orange metallic colour known as Arizona, the Beetle Dune's wheel arch extensions are connected by aluminium sill and chrome-plated underbody protection panels.

The name is not a new one, as Volkswagen has gone back to the drawing board after a previous Beetle Dune concept in 2000. The older Dune was nowhere near production-ready, but the 2014 version is based heavily on the current model, with the same six-speed DSG gearbox and 210 PS turbocharged petrol engine.

Volkswagen will examine interest from the public and the media at NAIAS before deciding on the future of the Beetle Dune concept.

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