Liberty plans all-electric E-Range

Re-engineering firm Liberty Electric Cars is working on an all-electric Range Rover that it says would be the first luxury SUV to run solely on battery power.

Equipped with Liberty's proprietary technologies, the Electric E-Range promises 200 miles on a single charge.

The company's batteries and power conversion systems will replace the engine on the standard Range Rover. An electric motor for each wheel would mean its 4X4 capability is retained.

Liberty claims that besides its ease-of-use and smooth performance, the eco-friendly car would give owners tax benefits as well as savings of up to 80% on motoring costs.

Barrry Shrier, the firm's CEO, said: "We are incredibly proud to have proven our critics wrong and demonstrated the performance ability of our proprietary and patented, class-leading technology.

"The Liberty Electric E-Range accelerates from zero to 60 in circa 7 seconds, reaches a top speed of 100mph, and has a distance capacity of 200 miles on one single charge - this is the upper end of the drive range that any current EV is able to achieve. In short, the vehicle enables the consumer to enjoy the power, prestige and luxury of the iconic Range Rover without the cost to the environment,"

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