LGA chief slams roads strategy

LGA chief slams roads strategy

A local government chief has called for more "joined-up thinking" when it comes to caring for England's major and minor roads.

Peter Box, the Local Government Association's economy and transport board chairman told the House of Commons Transport Committee that while the Highways Agency looks after England's major roads and local councils maintain the minor routes, there is not enough communication and collaboration between the two.

The minor routes looked after by local authorities account for 98% of England's road network, according to Mr Box.

He said to the committee: "Decisions should be taken jointly. You can't look at major roads without looking at the other roads as well. This is not being done very effectively at all at the moment.

"The Local Government Association is concerned about the future. Investment is being looked at in the next few years and we want to make sure we get it right.

"There is a real opportunity here. We have to make sure we look at the local network at the same time as we look at the strategic (motorway and major A road) network."

In light of the fact that traffic could increase by 43% by 2040, Mr Box said it is crucial that the correct decisions are made.

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