Lembit Opik shows Segway support

Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik has shown his support for a petition to remove the ban on the two-wheeled, electric Segway.

A group of supporters at Westminster urged the Government to change rules which prevent the self-balancing vehicle from being used on roads or pavements.

The issue of electric personal vehicles will now be considered by the Government.

Mr Opik said: "The claim that Segways are illegal beggars belief. As far as I can see, there isn't a scrap of evidence for this in British law."

"However, it seems the Government in general, and transport secretary Lord Adonis in particular, are taking a sensible approach. If their consultation is effective, it will give the authorities a way to accept the common sense case to allow use of Segways on the same terms as electric bicycles."

Former US president George Bush once fell off a Segway, while a Segway was given to the then prime minister Tony Blair by the King of Jordan a few years ago.

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