Leicestershire ensures road safety

Some signs could start to disappear from Leicestershire's roads after a county council review panel said de-cluttering the streets could help improve road safety.

The scrutiny review panel discussed the prevention of accidents and casualties on the county's roads in a bid to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Richard Shepherd, who chaired the panel, said: "I am pleased with the high standards the council maintains in relation to road safety and its performance in reducing the numbers of those killed and seriously injured on our roads.

"The panel has made a series of recommendations to support and sustain this performance in the future."

The panel also plans to review an experiment into whether speed humps are necessary in 20mph zones and encourage schools to get involved with road safety schemes.

The panel, which included councillors Alan Bailey, David Bill, David Jennings, Bill Liquorish, Christine Radford, Richard Shepherd and Peter Roffey, staged five meetings.

Copies of the report are available on www.leics.gov.uk and will be considered by the scrutiny commission on April 21 and the cabinet on June 15.

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