LCV values may fall in 2011 - BCA

British Car Auctions (BCA) has reported a substantial increase in light commercial vehicles (LCV) coming on to the used vehicle market, that it predicts could drag values down next year.

The majority of the used LCV vehicles have come to the market well ahead of their de-fleet dates, topping up already high volumes from the corporate and leasing sector,BCA said.

However, BCA said there will still be high demand for good quality two-year-old vehicles.

Duncan Ward, BCA's General Manager - Commercial Vehicles, said: "Following months of short supply in the market we are suddenly faced with an abundance of stock, just at a time when demand is easing ahead of the Christmas break.

"Even amongst this over-supply, any two year old vans will be like 'gold dust' to retail buyers and will generate a lot of interest in the trade as a result.

"This long-term legacy of the fall in new van sales during 2008 will continue to affect the market for several years to come - next year we will experience a relative shortage of three-year old vans."

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