Lazy drivers put off car checks

Male and female drivers are either too lazy or too mechanically challenged to carry out simple maintenance checks on their cars, a survey has found.

Tyre fitters Kwik-Fit carried out a survey of UK motorists to gauge the level of mechanical competence of both male and female drivers and their reasons for putting off car checks.

It found that 19% of drivers did not carry out simple checks such as checking lights and windscreens for damage or faults in between MoT tests, with women drivers more likely to put off checks through lack of competence and men ignoring problems because they can't be bothered to deal with them.

The survey of 2,043 drivers found that overall, 15% said they do not check because they are too lazy while 2% said they would rather bury their head in the sand to save them the worry and hassle of getting a problem fixed.

A further 23% said they preferred not to carry out simple checks and would rather drive their car until a problem presented itself.

Kwik-Fit customer services director David White said: "The research seems to support some traditional views of male and female attitudes to car maintenance. However, whatever the reasons for so many drivers not checking their cars between MoTs, the result is that their car could have faults which aren't spotted for up to a year."

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