Lauren and Luke most accident prone

Motorists with the names Lauren and Luke are most prone to accidents, a survey has shown.

Male drivers named Luke were 21% more likely to have an accident than the average male driver. And women named Lauren were 24% more accident prone than the typical female motorist, a survey of more than 500,000 insurance claims by showed.

The study based on just the first names, also pointed that people called Sam were the second most accident-prone male drivers, followed by Ben, Daniel and Joseph.

Among women, Danielle, Jessica, Leanne and Natalie have the worst collision records after Lauren.

Douglas topped the safe drivers chart with a 43% less chance of being involved in a crash than Luke, who was followed by Raymond, Iain, Gordon and Trevor.

Women with the name Margaret were the safest drivers, a huge 44% less accident prone than Lauren. After Margaret, the safest women drivers were those called Ann, Lesley, Anne and Wendy.

Brian Martin, managing director of, said: "Our results definitely show that motorists with some names have a higher probability of being involved in a car accident than others.

"There is no obvious reason for this, although some of these names are more common in younger people, who present a higher risk of having an accident."

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