Latest FIAT 500 updates announced

Latest FIAT 500 updates announced

Italian automotive giant Fiat has long traded on its reputation for reliability, modernity and style, and its latest updates to the ever-popular 500 range are no exception.

The compact car has appealed to motorists for generations, with low running costs, cheapcar insurance premiums and just its sheer 'fun' factor.

Today'sFiat fashionistas can choose from a fresh new palette of Countrypolitan Yellow and New Age Cream solid finishes, along with the funkier metallic shades of Groove Metal Grey, Epic Blue, Chillout Purple and Idol Pink.

Moving to the car's interior, buyers are offered a Chocolate Brown/Ivory fabric colour pairing and a more sedate Grey/Black option. By the end of the year, two-tone leather trim choices will be made available for the 2013 model.

Meanwhile, all cars leaving the factory from now on will feature a new 15-inch alloy wheel design as well as a smaller, neater 'short-fin' aerial.

And the good news doesn't stop there: prices remain unchanged at an initial £9,960 on the road, up to £19,060 for the top-of-the-range 500CbyGucci TwinAir.

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