Last coin parking meter removed

The last coin-operated parking meter in central London is due to b removed after more than 50 years.

Since 2007, some 4,000 machines have been removed as motorists began to pay for their parking via credit cards or mobile phones.

At a ceremony at Warwick Square, the Town Crier of Westminster, Peter Moore, announced the end of the traditional meter machine.

Westminster Council introduced the cashless parking scheme as a convenient alternative to carrying change.

Motorists without either a credit or debit card can purchase pre-paid scratch cards, use a mobile phone or one of the council's 14 car parks where cash is still accepted.

Danny Chalkley, of Westminster council's transport section, said: "Coin-operated parking meters have had a long and distinguished history in the capital that stretches back more than 50 years. During their heyday they were an iconic fixture on the capital's streets and have played a vital role in shaping the development of modern parking services."

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