Land Rover 'has top residual value'

An industry study has found cars from

Glass's revealed that three of Land Rover's SUVs featured in its list of the top 10 cars in the country with high retained value over the first three years of ownership.

While a three year-old (57 plate) Freelander 2 GS TD4 Auto came fourth in the survey, a Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 stood sixth and the Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 was ninth.

Though users avoided the costlier SUVs during recession, the vehicles have proved their worth, especially in the used-cars market, after successfully coping with two severe winters and difficult driving conditions.

Adrian Rushmore of Glass's said: "The British love affair with the 4x4 has meant residual values of several models have remained high.

"Besides the aspirational appeal of the Land Rover brand, consumers have remembered how well their Land Rovers performed in the extreme winter weather last year and this has also impacted positively on their residual value. "

Colin Green, Land Rover managing director, said: "Land Rover vehicles offer stylish design, ground-breaking technology, and unrivalled all-terrain capabilities making them the ideal vehicles for all weather conditions.

"With excellent residual values and finance offers available across the range, ownership of cars has never been so appealing."

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