Land Rover Defender production ending

Land Rover Defender production ending

The final Land Rover Defender is set to roll off the production line later this week.

Although the Defender name only hit the roads in the early 1990s the vehicle is heir to the first Land Rover that was produced in 1948 with a design based on World War II jeeps.

Since then the Land Rover has become a firm favourite, not only with motorists around the world but also with the Royal Family.

George VI viewed the first model in 1948 and the Queen got her first Land Rover not long after she came to the throne in 1952.

The Land Rover Defender has also featured in several blockbuster movies. Its screen credits include the James Bond film Skyfall and Tom Cruise's sci-fi adventure Edge of Tomorrow.

The editorial director of What Car? and Autocar magazines, Jim Holder, says the 4x4 vehicle has appealed to motorists from "every level of society".

Jaguar Land Rover says the final Defender will be produced at its Solihull factory on Friday January 29.

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