Lambs caught up in baa-rmy car chase

Lambs caught up in baa-rmy car chase

Three lambs were caught up in a bizarre high-speed police car chase after the animals were stolen.

Officers from West Midlands Police pursued the Ford Galaxy after noticing its sheepish passengers early on Tuesday morning (May 10).

The chase ended when the people carrier crashed into a car that was parked in a residential street in Yardley, Birmingham.

The lambs were left in the boot when the three men left the car and made off on foot.

The men were later found after officers searched adjacent gardens and discovered one hiding in a nearby conservatory and another in a tree.

The officers had fun with the case on Twitter afterwards.

They pixelated out the lambs' faces on a photograph they posted, claiming they always try to protect the identity of crime victims.

Paul Southern, an inspector with the force, says it is rare to recover live stolen property.

Inspector Southern says the lambs are unhurt after their ordeal and have been temporarily relocated to a farm in the area.

Police are checking local farms to see if their flocks are three lambs down.

People with any information about the lambs' owner can call 101.

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