Lamborghini seized under Operation Jessica

Lamborghini seized under Operation Jessica

A Lamborghini Aventador was just one of a number of vehicles apprehended by police at the weekend under Operation Jessica.

The Italian-built car capable of 217mph was stopped by officers from the Central Motorway Police Group in West Bromwich, after it was found to be untaxed.

The owner, a 35-year-old living and working in the UK, had imported the car from Germany but had failed to pay the vehicle excise duty to drive the car on UK roads and the vehicle was subsequently seized.

After paying a £260 fine the car was returned to the owner, and the DVLA were informed and may take further action.

Operation Jessica gives police powers to seize vehicles and insist owners tax, insure and register them in the UK or leave the country within 56 days; any vehicles not claimed will be crushed.

It is estimated that up to 350,000 foreign registered vehicles entered the UK and overstayed the six month exemption period without registering and licensing between 2010 and 2013, costing the taxpayer £60 million every year in lost tax revenue.

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