Lambo Cab hits London streets

Lambo Cab hits London streets

Workers and tourists in London were able to hail a cab with a difference this week as part of a PR stunt to promote a new European rally.

Amazingly, a Lamborghini Gallardo was touring the streets of the capital looking for fares as a publicity drive for the Pure Rally - a new, affordable pan-European rally adventure. The black car came with roof-top taxi light, signage for the body, an internal meter and the compulsory beaded seat cover.

The supercar can reach speeds of up to 201mph but rarely broke out of a snail's pace around the busy streets of London, though the acceleration between traffic lights was worth the fare alone.

Nicknamed the Lambo Cab, the taxi had a few drawbacks - the two-seater car could only carry one passenger at a time and there certainly isn't much room for luggage or suitcases.

Its first fare of the day was glamour model and television star Imogen Thomas, but the car then went around London looking for more passengers, picking up more than a few surprised glances.

Mel Oliver, founder of Pure Rally, said the stunt was a great opportunity for people to ride in a supercar.

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