Kids 'cross roads without checking'

A new poll has warned that more than a third of schoolchildren are risking their lives by crossing roads without checking for traffic.

The UK-wide study of more than 1,000 children aged between seven and 14 found that 40% cross the road without looking both sides, with boys more likely to do so than girls.

The research, conducted by insurance firm Kwik Fit, revealed that 85% of schoolchildren do not use the marked crossing or a lollipop person when stepping out on to the road.

More than three-quarters said they do not always feel confident crossing the road on their own.

Findings also showed that half of all eight-year-olds regularly run across a road without checking for oncoming vehicles.

According to the survey, almost half of the children from East Midlands did not check for traffic while crossing the road, while 77% of Welsh schoolchildren said they followed the Green Cross code and looked both ways for vehicles.

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