Low cost motoring - Keeping the cost of motoring simple

As a young motorist, it’s becoming harder than ever to get behind the wheel. Not necessarily because the driving test is getting harder, but because of the complex costs of motoring.

If it’s not the prohibitive expense of driving lessons or insurance, it’s the price of maintenance and the annual road tax fee. It all adds up.

However, many manufacturers are now offering schemes that could be a real boon to younger, financially limited drivers desperate for their freedom behind the wheel.

In response to research that shows that growing numbers of young people are not buying and maintaining cars, schemes such as Peugeot’s Just Add Fuel programme have been developed to help support drivers in car ownership.

The Peugeot initiative sees motorists pay an ongoing monthly fee encompassing everything they’ll need to own and run a car – all they need to do is pay for the fuel.

The package also now covers drivers aged from 21 years old. At a young age it can be difficult to manage many monthly finance payments just to keep your car on the road, so the all-inclusive bundle – featuring car insurance, tax, servicing, breakdown cover and warranty – means things are kept nice and simple.

Monthly payments are determined by just three factors: the vehicle, your postcode and the youngest named driver – that’s it. All you’ll need to do is hand over the money at the end of the month, hassle free.

Other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi offer a different perspective on keeping things simple too: the Japanese manufacturer will pay your fuel bills for a year.

With costs escalating at the pumps recently, a free fuel scheme is another way to keep the finances of motoring simple, especially if you buy the car outright. Be wary of mileage limitations however, most manufacturers will only pay an average of 10,000 – 12,000 miles worth of petrol or diesel.

Whatever your age, budgeting for your vehicle isn’t easy. There can be many hidden costs that you didn’t quite expect. So, keeping it simple with the numerous schemes that are out there to consolidate payments and make your motoring life a little less stressful has got to be a boon.