Keep up to speed with road signs

Keep up to speed with road signs

Drivers are being urged to keep an eye out for all road signs in order to stay one step ahead of the game this winter.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says no one behind the wheel should ever ignore signs as they provide important information and guidance on hazards, road layouts and directions.

Temporary signs, in particular, are in place for a specific reason, so he advises looking well ahead to see them in good time.

If you notice a sign too late, don't make a last minute manoeuvre that could be dangerous, such as a sharp turn, sudden braking or a U-turn. Instead, you should drive on until you find a safe place to turn around.

Road signs can also help you doublecheck your route , meaning you don't have to rely too heavily on your sat-nav in case things have changed.

"Road signs are often seen as one of those things you only learn for your driving test," said Mr Rodger.

"While you might not know what each and every sign means, it's always good to brush up on them from time to time. Understanding them can make things a lot less stressful"

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