Juke_'s progresses by better engine

Juke_'s progresses by better engine

A new diesel engine is giving the Nissan Juke extra benefits.

Lower emissions, better fuel economy, reduced noise and extra torque are among the advantages delivered by the Juke's latest 1.5-litre dCi diesel engine.

Abreakdown of the engine changes show that:

- maximum torque has been improved from 240Nm to 260Nm at 1,750rpm

- 80% of this figure is available from only 1,500rpm to enhance the driving experience

- CO2 emissions are now only 109g/km

- it has a combined fuel economy of 67.3mpg.

These all add up to making the new unit the Juke stable's most efficient engine.

Technical changes have fuelled these upgrades.

These include amended piezo-electric fuel injection nozzles, which now have a more exact spray pattern for improved combustion (with 15% less unburnt fuel).

They also see a new, more responsive, low-inertia variable geometry turbocharger fed by a more direct - and more efficient - air intake path.

There is also a closed-loop low-pressure exhaust gas recycling system.

Here, the exhaust gas is cooled before being re-introduced to the intake system, helping to ensure the unit is compatible with forthcoming Euro6 emission regulations.

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