Judge explains The Stig decision

The judge who allowed Ben Collins to release his autobiography and be unmasked as Top Gear racer The Stig has revealed his reasons for not banning the book.

Mr Justice Morgan explained that he would not grant a BBC injunction to block the 35-year-old driver's book, The Man In The White Suit, because his identity was common knowledge.

He revealed that while Mr Collins did owe a duty of confidentiality to the BBC, the identity of the mystery driver was so generally accessible that it could no longer be regarded as confidential.

He said: "For all practical purposes, anyone who would have any interest in knowing the identity of The Stig now knows it.

"The identity of The Stig is no longer a secret and it is no longer confidential information."

Meanwhile, Mr Collins might have to use the money he's received from book sales to pay for a higher car insurance rate, given that the world, not to mention car insurance providers, now knows about his penchant for driving at high speeds.

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